cart Purchase agreement

How do we determine a price? What is a “fair price”? Entrepreneurs offer consumers products or services for a fixed price. What rules should entrepreneurs follow, if they determine the price or enter into a purchase agreement?

Can you close a purchase agreement verbally or in written form? What are your rights and obligations if you buy something? Are you entitled to an undamaged product? Are you required to pay for the product? In what case do you close a contract verbally? In what cases do you close a purchase agreement? If you have questions about your rights and obligations in a sale by phone (telemarketing) of a service contract for energy, gas or water? Does it involve an extension or renewal of an existing contract? In what cases do you sign a contract? Send your question to me and I’ll see if I can give an appropriate answer.


key Rental agreement

Do you want to prevent problems during the rental period? Do you have an idea what your rights and obligations as a tenant or as the landlord? Do you know in what cases a rental agreement is made for a fixed period and in what cases for an unspecified period? Is a verbal agreement also legal? In what cases is the termination of the lease valid? Is it desirable to draw up an inspection report before signing the rental contract? Does a tenant who responds to an ad from a broker have to pay agency fees? When is a clause in the general terms and conditions unreasonably onerous? What is meant by “deposit”? Do you want answers to your questions, please ask to Jeannette.


briefcase Employment contract

A new job? Do you have questions regarding a good employment contract? Do you want to know what clauses should be in an employment contract? What’s in your contract?

What are your rights and obligations? Is there a non-competition clause included in your contract? Do you may want to know what is included in your collective agreement? Interested in some useful tips and advice? Do you want to understand your employment contract? Then you have come to the right place.