I experience Jeannette Kamps as a very pleasant person. She offers a listening ear on both personal and business areas and is very professional. Always looking for the best solution.

Barbara van Moorselaar


I learned that Jeannette is as a very competent and accurate person. She is impassioned in all that she does and she goes for it. She is always self-reflecting and improving herself. She is curious and intelligent and open to new things, which is very pleasant for me to experience. I dread the tax return of my company and she managed to unburden me skillfully. My company is on the rise and I shall turn to her more often in the future. I look forward to continue our excellent cooperation.

Mieke van Maanen, your coach to Emotional Freedom

You helped me a lot drafting my rental contract. It looks great, you have taken good account of all the details so that it is clear and understandable for everyone. Furthermore, I would just say that you’re a honest woman who is always there for everyone.

W. S.


Jeannette, you really did a good job advising me and preparing a complaint to the Public Prosecutor. What strikes me is that you ask the right questions, in addition to which you are sharp and accurate and very professional. You really get things done! I also want to thank you for advicing about my rental contract and to draw up a power of attorney. You examine things really good!

Juliƫn Zweverink